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Welcome to our new ads and listings pages. Placing an ad is now easy, convenient and instant!

Please read all the info on this page. It's all important.

This site is intended specifically for ethical breeders who show, test, sell dogs with genetic guarantees and pets with spay/neuter contracts. If you list on our pages you agree to these requirements. We reserve the right to maintain the listings consistent with this criteria. Our purpose is to provide a quality site for Sheltie buyers and to help preserve the future of the breed we all love.

Please note that only breeders who

  • show in conformation
  • test for genetic diseases prevalent in the breed
  • sell dogs with genetic guarantees and
  • sell pets with spay/neuter contracts

are welcome to post on the Breeders Directory. If you don't show in conformation you may post ads for sale, but not list as breeder. We are sorry, but we consider it's important to keep the Directory for breeders who make the effort to show.

Ads listing litters or puppies younger than 6 weeks of age ARE NOT ACCEPTED and will automatically delete.

Buyer Beware - We recommend you visit the breeder's place before you buy a puppy. Ask to see registration, parents' health records and any and all information that is important to you. Confirm that the puppy's temperament, health and written guarantees is what you want. Then you can make an informed decision as to which puppy you decide to buy.

If buying a "show potential" puppy under 4 months ask to see growth charts, size guarantees, etc or make sure the price you pay is comparable to a nice pet puppy's price, in case it doesn't grow up to become show quality.

Once you register, your username and password will allow you to make changes personally to your ads or contact info as needed. Add photos, correct a mistake on your ad, update your email address, cancel your ad - just go to My Account page and click on the item you need to change.

These are some of the new features:
My Favorites (favorite ads will be saved for you for later consideration), Hide your email address to protect yourself from junk/scam mail and communicate with your customers through our free forwarding service. Email ads to your friends and much more.

Registration will entitle you to:

  • Place ads or listings.

  • Reply to ads.

  • Edit your contact info.

  • Be part of our two new Breeders Directories, online and printed versions.


To register, click on the last option on the pink tab: Register.

Pick a username and password.
As with any registration write them down in a safe place so you can use them later.

To post an ad:

After you register, you can place an ad by clicking on the pink tab, where it says: Place an Ad. Then you can choose the category that is most appropriate for your ad. Please note that these two categories, Sheltie Clubs Directory and Sheltie Rescues Directory are for the exclusive use of Clubs and Rescue organizations. Any ads posted in these categories by others will be removed.

After you click on the Category you'd like to place your ad under, you will be directed to the page where you can enter the ad. It will be a 3 step process:

1- The text. You can enter up to 25 lines of text. There will be questions to help you remember info that will be important for your buyers. Now you can design your own ad's "look" too: do you want your text centered, green and Arial font, two different sizes? No problem. You can access many options; all easy to use. Just highlight the text you want to change, click on the button you want and it's done. It works like a Word document. We suggest you keep it simple. Too much going on can get confusing for your customers. If you don't want to customize anything that's OK, just type your ad. You also have the option to add enhancements to your ad to draw extra attention from customers: Bold title, Better placement, Featured and Icons, there will be more details on these at the time of placing your ad.

  • Please limit your ad to 2 puppies or adults. We support small breeders who show, test breeding stock and who sell pet dogs with spay/neuter/limited registration contracts and provide health/genetic guarantees on all dogs sold. We don't accept ads from puppy mills, dealers or backyard breeders and don't post ads for "litters".

2- Photos. You can upload photos from your computer. The photos must be 600K or smaller ( equivalent to 5" x 7", 75 dpi resolution). Photos will be re-sized automatically to display at different sizes. First it will display as a thumbnail on the browsing pages. When the viewer clicks on your ad's title your complete ad opens all by itself on a separate page. The photo will display at a nice size to view and download quickly, plus your customers will have the option to click on a prompting to see an enlarged version (if the photo you sent was larger than the size posted in your ad), or to print it.

You can post two free photos on each ad, following photos are $3 each. A good photo editing program (and free) is "Picasa", a Google service. You can download it from: http://picasa.google.com/ Instructions on how to use on same page. You will need to edit your photos for them to look the best possible. This program will help you adjust light, contrast and trim photos. And I just discovered another program, "PIXresizer" also free, which will help you do something Picasa won't, resize the photo. If your photo is very large and gets rejected when you are posting an ad, first trim it with Picasa and then make it smaller with Pixresizer. Download it from here: http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm It's very easy to use. Set it to custom resize the photo around 420 pixels on the small side, it will display at a nice size on the ad. If you still have trouble editing your photo you can email it to us, we will edit it and send it back ready for you to include in your ad. $3/per photo edit.

3- Ad Payment. There are two ways to place an ad on Sheltie Listings:

Pay by the ad -

  • Pet/Show/Breeding Dogs for Sale: $15/month. Reminder: No litter ads, puppies for sale 5 weeks and older and no more than 2 dogs or puppies per ad.

  • The Breeders Directory: List your kennel, update after one of your dogs had a show win, finished, you acquired a new dog, etc. $30/year.

  • Studs Directory: Show off your stud, update after he sired a new litter, had a show win, went to another part of the country to visit, etc. Plenty of room to include everything. $30/year.

  • Items for Sale: Lightly used dog items, $5/2 weeks OR if you are a business, $25/3 months.

  • Services: Handling and Photography: $30/year.

    There are several free categories:

  • Pet Dogs and Show Dogs wanted: Looking for a Sheltie, pet or show? let the world know, several breeders will reply.

  • Sheltie Brags: List your dog after a win, include a photo too!

  • Public Announcements: List seminars, shows, clinics and related events of interest to Sheltie enthusiasts. The following pages are free - but only available to Breeders Directory advertisers: promote your kennel, enjoy the limelight!

  • Oh Baby!: List a photo record of your dog as a baby and all grown up. Useful for breeders to research growth patterns in different lines. Describe how your dog grew (steadily, on spurs, etc) you can include up to 4 photos free.

  • Breeding Profiles: Would you like to tell your story as a Sheltie breeder? now you can! 10 questions, 2 photos free.

  • All puppies and dogs available must be advertised on the Dogs for Sale categories.

OR become a full member - If you are a breeder and sell puppies, offer services and/or would like to showcase your dogs, you can choose to become a Full member, take advantage of the listings to the max and enjoy substantial savings. Placing multiple listings increase your visibility, which means your customers will get to know you better and remember you when they need you. For just $60/6 month membership, you receive:

  • Free Breeders Directory listing with 2 photos.

  • Up to 4 more ads included with 2 free photos each. You can cancel and replace ads or listings as many times as you want. Additional photos or "Featured" status optional. Unlimited ads on these categories: Breeding Profile, Brags, Oh Baby! or Public Announcements.

  • Free "bold" titles.

You can sign up for this plan when you register (enter promotional code: fullmember . Or contact us at any time and we'll help you. Contact us to subscribe.

Ads will post instantly when paid through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Diners. You can make payments now in real time. A secure page displays automatically for you when you select the credit card payment option. For payment with checks or money orders you can place your ad here and send your payment via regular mail (our address on bottom of page). Your ad will be saved and we'll post it as soon as we receive payment.


We reserve the right to deny posting of an ad(s) any time, for any reason, with no obligation to provide explanation for the action taken.
All advertisers posting dogs for sale must agree to guarantee health on the animal being sold for a minimum of 72 hours.
Once an ad is posted it is not refundable for any reason.

As the oldest running Sheltie ad website, we have been serving the Sheltie community online since October 2000. We take pride in providing a caring service to facilitate honest breeders and dog owners to come together on behalf of the Sheltie breed.

Your suggestions and ideas are helpful to keep improving our services.

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Check out the page "Seller Tips" for succesful ad pointers.

Thanks for joining our site and posting your ad!